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Design Consultation

We meet on site to brainstorm ideas and dreams for your project.


Concept Plans

2 concept plans will be created incorporating the ideas and insights from the initial meeting. These come as hand drawn concept plans, printed to scale (for measuring purposes).


Plan Review

We then meet to discuss the two concept plans. I listen to your thoughts, and help you mix and match elements that you like from each of the plans to create a Master Plan for your property.


Construction Documents

All design notes are modeled in CADD to provide accurate instruction to contractors. This includes labeling all plants, grading/elevations, and custom construction details (pergolas, pools, fire places, patios etc...). Then they are sent out to multiple reputable landscape contractors in the area for bids.


Bid Review

After we have received all of the bids, we will meet to review them to ensure that we are comparing the bids ‘apples to apples’. You then decide which landscape contractor to choose for the installation.


Final Walk Through

After completion, we will do a final walk through of the landscape to ensure all plant materials are hardy and healthy. I will mark and inform the contractor of any that need to be replaced.


This is the typical process I follow; however, we can customize it to fit your needs. Fees vary greatly from project to project, but I will be able to give you a very close estimate of my fees after our initial meeting on site.

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